Senior International Winners

Year Venue Winner 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
2018 Leamington Spa Wales England Ireland Scotland
2017 Belmont England Ireland Wales Scotland
2016 Llandrindod Wells England Wales Ireland Scotland
2015 Eddlewood England Scotland Ireland Wales
2014 Leamington Spa Scotland England Wales Ireland
2013 Dublin England Ireland Wales Scotland
2012 Llandrindod Wells Wales Scotland England Ireland
2011 Sighthill Scotland Ireland England Wales
2010 Worthing Scotland England Wales Ireland
2009 Belfast Ireland Scotland England Wales
2008 Llandrindod Wells Scotland Wales England Ireland
2007 Sighthill England Scotland Ireland Wales
2006 Wigton Ireland England Scotland Wales
2005 Belfast Ireland Scotland Wales England
2004 Llandrindod Wells Scotland Wales Ireland England
2003 Ayr Wales Scotland England Ireland
2002 Worthing England Wales Scotland Ireland Channel Islands
2001 Belfast England Ireland Wales Channel Islands
2000 Llandrindod Wells Scotland Ireland England Wales Channel Islands
1999 St Brelade Ireland England Wales Scotland Channel Islands
1998 Ayr Scotland England Wales Ireland Channel Islands
1997 Worthing Scotland Wales Ireland England Channel Islands
1996 Larne Scotland Ireland England Wales Channel Islands
1995 Llanelli Wales England Scotland Ireland Channel Islands
1994 Ayr England Scotland Wales Ireland
1993 Worthing England Wales Ireland Scotland
1992 Larne Wales Ireland England Scotland
1991 Eddw Vale England Scotland Wales Ireland
1990 Methilhill England Scotland Wales Ireland
1989 Worthing England Scotland Wales Ireland
1988 Larne England Scotland Wales Ireland
1987 Llanelli England Wales Scotland Ireland
1986 Paisley England Scotland Ireland Wales
1985 Worthing England Ireland Scotland Wales
1984 Larne England Scotland Ireland Wales
1983 Cardiff England Scotland Ireland Wales
1982 Ayr Wales Ireland Scotland England
1981 Worthing Ireland Scotland Wales England
1980 Nottingham Scotland England Ireland Wales
1979 Gwent Scotland England Ireland Wales
1978 Uddington Wales England Scotland Ireland
1977 Worthing Scotland Ireland Wales England
1976 Not Played
1975 Llanelli Scotland England Ireland Wales
1974 Sighthill Scotland Wales Ireland England
1973 Bournemouth Scotland England England Ireland
1972 Bristol Scotland England Ireland Wales
1971 Aberdare Scotland England Wales Ireland
1970 Glasgow Scotland England Ireland Wales
1969 London Scotland England Ireland Wales
1968 Belfast Scotland England Ireland Wales
1967 Llandarcy Scotland England Ireland Wales
1966 Glasgow Scotland Wales England Ireland
1965 London Scotland England Wales Ireland
1964 Belfast Scotland Scotland Ireland Wales
1963 Cardiff Scotland England Wales Ireland
1962 Glasgow England Scotland Ireland Wales
1961 Eastbourne England Scotland Ireland Wales
1960 Belfast England Scotland Ireland Wales
1959 Cardiff England Scotland Ireland Wales
1958 Glasgow England Wales Scotland Ireland
1957 Bournemouth Wales Scotland England Ireland
1956 Belfast England Ireland Wales Scotland
1955 Cardiff England Wales Ireland Scotland
1954 Glasgow England Scotland Wales Ireland
1953 Brighton Scotland Wales England Ireland
1952 Dublin Scotland Ireland Wales England
1951 Swansea Ireland England Scotland Wales
1950 Glasgow Scotland Wales England Ireland
1949 Brighton England Wales Scotland Ireland
1948 Bangor Wales Scotland England Ireland
1947 Newport England Wales Scotland Ireland
1946 Glasgow Wales Scotland England Ireland
1940 – 1945 Not Played due to the Second World War
1939 London England Wales Scotland Ireland
1938 Larne Wales Ireland Scotland England
1937 Llandrindod Wells Wales England Ireland Scotland
1936 Glasgow Scotland Ireland England Wales
1935 Weston-Super-Mare Scotland Wales England Ireland
1934 Belfast Wales Scotland England Ireland
1933 Cardiff Wales England Scotland Ireland
1932 Glasgow Scotland England Wales Ireland
1931 Westcliff-on-Sea Wales Scotland England Ireland
1930 Dublin Wales Scotland England Ireland
1929 Llandrindod Wells England Wales Scotland Ireland
1928 Glasgow Scotland England Ireland Wales
1927 Southampton England Scotland Wales Ireland
1926 Belfast England Ireland Scotland Wales
1925 Llandrindod Wells Wales England Scotland Ireland
1924 Glasgow England Scotland Ireland Wales
1923 London Scotland England Wales Ireland
1922 Larne Scotland Ireland Wales England
1921 Cardiff Scotland Wales England Ireland
1920 Glasgow Wales England Scotland Ireland
1919 Carlisle Scotland England Wales Ireland
1915 – 1918 Not Played Due to the First world War
1914 Belfast Scotland Ireland Wales England
1913 Cardiff Scotland Wales Ireland England
1912 Glasgow Scotland Ireland England Wales
1911 London England Wales Scotland Ireland
1910 Belfast Scotland Ireland England Wales
1909 Cardiff Scotland Wales England Ireland
1908 Edinburgh Scotland Wales England Ireland
1907 Newcastle Scotland Ireland England Wales
1906 Belfast England Scotland Wales Ireland
1905 Cardiff Ireland Scotland England Wales
1904 Glasgow Scotland England Ireland Wales
1903 London England Scotland Ireland Wales
Channel Islands 0
England 36
Ireland 7
Scotland 44
Wales 18
Total 105