2015 Senior Internationals

4 thoughts on “2015 Senior Internationals

  1. Morning Duncan – just looking at rink allocation for forthcoming gents international series at Eddlewood – although I am not a member of this club (I play at Burnbank Hamilton) I reside in Hamilton and am well aware that the 2 greens at Eddlewood are commonly referred to as the ‘top’ green and the ‘bottom’ green – unless I am missing something I see no indication, on the website, as to which green is being used for each game.

    • Hi Gerry
      I did email you, not sure if you got it
      The bottom green will hopefully be our A green where Scotland will play their games.

  2. Duncan

    Since I provided the template for Real Time Scoring a few years ago you have improved the look of it which I like.
    To save me redoing all the formatting could you send me a copy of the Google Sheet and If you wish I could add in the functionaluity to automatically update overall positions and individual rink performances

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